September 2010

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Mrs. Williams and Cub Scout Pack 200, along with parents, helped clean up the overgrowth in the Backyard Exploratorium. The recent rain helped the growth of some unwanted vines and weeds. Great job! Thank you for your time and support!
A collaboration will continue as projects come up during the year.

May and June 2010

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Wildflower Stomp!
Teachers and students participate in a Wildflower Stomp in the Backyard Exploritorium. It was a great way to wrap up the year! We planted Texas Wildflowers, Shady Area Wildflowers, and Butterfly and Hummingbird Wildflowers. We can’t wait until next spring!

May 22, 2010

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Murnin Cleanup Crew

Murnin Cleanup Crew

Teachers, parents, and students met on Saturday to do a major cleanup! The area looked clean and ready to plant. Thank you to everyone for coming out to help!

May 2010

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Notes home to parents. Trimming and pruning of trees in outdoor classroom requested. Purchase of landscaping timbers and installation of grade level planting beds requested. Clean up and planting day fast approaching! Dr. Murnin will be present!

Click here to view flyer!
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March and April 2010

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Edging, stakes, and weed deterrent fabric purchased from Lowe’s. NISD begin installation of edging for walkways. Completion of walkways with crushed granite. Sidewalk for wheelchair access completed. Presentation of Murnin Backyard Exploratorium at Family Fun Night. Call for volunteers and tool donations. Clean up and planting date set for May 22, 2010. Donation gift cards collected from Home Depot for outdoor classroom extras. Thank you Home Depot!

Click the link below to view the progress we have made!

February 2010

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Open PO to Lowe’s submitted.

January 2010

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Price edging, garden tools, landscaping timbers, etc. at Lowe’s.

October 2009

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Meeting with district and workorder submitted for outdoor tool shed. (Update: request denied due to potential vandalism issues. Alternative location for tools found.) Marked proposed walkways.

May 2009

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Workorder to have a hose bib was submitted, so we would have water near our plants! Hose bib was installed. Thank you NISD plummers! End of school year. Work on garden postponed until return to school. Hot weather and no rain doesn’t help.

April 2009

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On April 13, we submitted an application requesting a master gardener volunteer to help us plan our garden site before we made purchases. (UPDATE: Due to lack of response, we are looking at alternate solutions.)